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This is the posting place for the joint writings of solo and jo_lasalle. At the moment, those are real person fiction based on the band KAT-TUN.

Our pairing is Akame -- short for Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin.

That would be those guys:

Jin & Kame

Some of the stories might be sexually explicit. Some of them might be exceedingly fluffy. Some might really be not.

And they are stories. That we make up. And are not intended to reflect what these people get up to in their real lives.

haikuesque is our joint account for posting to comment challenges and the like. It does nothing else, so there's no point friending it.

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advanced ais, akame, akanishi jin, angst, bunnies, bunzo, cake, endless sex scenes, epic whorefic romance, experimenting with jeans, fluff, jin, jin is not dumb, jo fangirls yamapi, julia fangirls yamapi, kame, kame likes to top, kamenashi kazuya, kat-tun, pickle buddies, scary kame, scorching hotness of jin, very happy lives, wordcount frustrate on me, yamapi is awesome
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